Required Documents

Naturalization Interview

A dedicated section of our portal, 4Immigrant, will have your profile, where you will upload all documents related to your case. All documents will be reviewed, evaluated, and analyzed by an accredited immigration specialist. All particularities of your case will be discussed with you, and N-400 will be submitted on your behalf. Our specialist will supply you with a check list, which will be generated especially for your case. However, you must bring the ORIGINAL documents specified in your check list along with your interview appointment letter to your naturalization interview.

The below-mentioned documents are provided for general knowledge; they relate to all categories and  may not be applicable to your specific case. Please contact us for additional information.

General Category

Description of Documents or Evidence

Who needs to submit It?

  • Permanent Resident Card Form I-551

(green card)

All applicants

- State-issued ID or

- Real ID, or

- Driver’s license

All applicants

  • Passports from the country of your origin or US Travel Document or US Re-entry Permit

(current and expired, with arrival & departure stamps)

All applicants

  • Arrival/Departure Records Form I-94, original or electronic

All applicants

  • Proof of current marital status and termination of your prior marriages, if any.

Bring original  of all of the following ( where applicable); 
Marriage certificates, Divorce papers, Annulment certificates, Death certificates, etc. 


All currently or previously married applicants/
(if applicable)

  • Proof of termination of your spouse’s previous marriages, if any.

All currently married applicants 
(if applicable)

  • Proof of official name change(s), if any.

Marriage certificates, Divorce papers, Court order of name change, Adoption papers, etc.

All applicants
(if applicable).

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