Disability Waivers

What Is N-648?

A disability waiver exempts certain applicants for naturalization from taking an English language test and allows such applicants to take a test in US history and civics in their native language with an interpreter or even get a waiver for this test.

It requires submission of the  USCIS Form N-648, Medical Certification for disability exceptions, which specifies medical conditions and confirms that such a diagnosis will prevent the petitioner for US citizenship from meeting the English and/or US civics test requirements. Upon approval, the applicant may attend the interview for US naturalization in the native language and/or not have to answer questions about US history and government, depending on the specific facts of their medical condition.

The following conditions must be met and the following logistics  are required in order to be eligible for a  disability waiver:

  • The petitioner must have a physical or developmental disability or impairment;
  • The petitioner must have been diagnosed with this conditionfor at least 12 months;
  • The petitioner  must have an impairment that prevents him from learning English and/or civics. More specifically, the patient must have been diagnosed with a disease that affects his or her memory, ability to learn new tasks, ability to concentrate, ability to understand abstract ideas, or ability to communicate.

       Form N-648 must be prepared by a medical professional.

Only clinical psychologists, medical doctors (MDs),or doctors of osteopathy (DOs) who  are licenced to practice within the US or its territories are authorized to prepare form N-648. The doctor must also be licensed in the United States and examine the patient prior to filing the form.

       An accredited specialist will assist your doctor  with the preparation of N-648.

Form N-648 is complex, extensive, and requires coherent logistics  All comments must be professionally written and sufficiently demonstrate that there is a connection between the medical condition and the applicant’s inability to read, write, and speak words in the English language and/or to comprehend and understand the fundamentals of history and government of the United States.


Please contact our accredited specialist, and he will get in touch with you and your doctor and help you to prepare and submit form N-648. This form is due for submission along with the general application, N-400,  the submission of which is also handled by our specialist on your behalf, so both forms will be prepared simultaneously.

       Denied N-648? You will get a second chance!

If the N-648 waiver is denied at the naturalization interview, the USCIS will proceed with the interview as if you had not submitted a Form N-648. You will be twice given the opportunity to take all portions of the English and civics requirements; once during the initial examination and then later during a subsequent re-examination interview.

       Interpreter at the Interview

The USCIS qualifies as an interpreter for the purposes of an immigration interview any individual over 14  years of age, who is sufficiently fluent in both English and the interviewee’s language. Family members could be disfavored as interpreters if there is another qualified interpreter available to the applicant.

To confirm your eligibility for a disability waiver please contact us sign up for a free personal consultation with our immigration specialist accredited by the US Immigration and Citizenship Services, or share our contact information with your doctor or medical practitioner.

We will guide you through  the submission of N-648 all the way to a successful completion.

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