Fail Exam or missing evidence

Naturalization Interview

Failed US citizenship test or provided insufficient supporting documents? Here’s what to do.

On your road to US citizenship, you must pass a US citizenship test. What happens if you don’t pass your test the first time?

If you fail your test the first time, you will be given only one more chance. A chance you can’t lose.


The US Citizenship and Immigration Services officer who performs your citizenship test must give you a notice of results (Form N-652) at the end of the interview. It will tell you if you passed or failed, or if for some reason your case is continued.

There are a number of reasons why the USCIS may not approve your citizenship application the first time.


US Citizenship Test: English and Civics

You might have failed the English portion of the US citizenship test (the speaking/comprehension test, the writing test, or the reading test), or you might have failed the civics portion of the test. You will be retested only on the portion of the test that you have failed, and your retest will take place within a maximum of 60 to 90 days of the date of your first interview.


US Citizenship Test: Additional Information to Provide

The officer might not be able to make a decision in case you have failed to provide sufficient information relevant to your citizenship application (for example, you may have forgotten to enclose an important document with your application). In this case, the officer will give you a written request, called Form N-14, for the specific documentation or information you have failed to provide. The written request will also explain to you how to respond to the request. You may respond by mail by a certain date (as a rule, you have 30 days to respond with the appropriate additional information); or in person at the next interview. It is very important that you clearly understand what kind of documentation or information is requested of you on the N-14 form. If it is not clear to you, ask the officer for an explanation.

If you have to send additional information by mail, make sure to:

  • Include a copy of your N-14 form,
  • Mail your N-14 form in a timely manner, so that the USCIS receives it before the deadline,
  • Use a certified or express mail service, so that you get a proof of mailing.

If you fail to follow the instructions, the USCIS could deny your application.


Study for Your Second US Citizenship Test

If you have failed the English or civics test, you will be tested again on the portion of the test that you have failed. If you fail at your second attempt, your citizenship application will be denied. So please, be well prepared!

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The spouse of a US citizen who resides in the United States may be eligible to file an Application for Naturalization on the basis of his or her marriage.
Besides spouses and children under 18, all direct relatives may reunite with their parents, grown children, and siblings.
There are some reasons that will cause your application to be denied or even permanently denied, with no possibility of a second chance.
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