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What is 4Immigrant?

Please see below how we can assist you to go through all the steps of becoming a US citizen. Please note, our Immigration Specialists are accredited by the US Department of Justice to represent you in this process and help you all the way:


We will help you to determine your eligibility to apply for US citizenship. As a first step, please try to take a quiz and get in touch with us.


Together, we will prepare and submit your Application for Naturalization, N400 along with all required supplemental forms and documentation. 


With our assistance, you’ll find out the application fee for your case and ways to possibly reduce the application fee or waive it entirely.


You will receive a complete guidance on how to prepare for the US Civics and History  and Immigration Interview. You will be able to participate in our online or face-to-face Citizenship classes to study for the test and interview. If necessary, you will be able to take advantage of our tutoring sessions to review materials before your appointment at USCIS.


In case you need to provide additional verifications to attach to your N-400 application, we will advise you on how to obtain them. If you have to retake your English and/or civics test after failing it the first time, we’ll make sure that your second attempt is a success.


We will help you to resolve “grey zone” issues pertaining to the “good moral character” requirement or connect you with a reputable immigration attorney for an optimal problem resolution.


We will help you to understand and appropriately prepare for the procedures related to naturalization, such as biometric appointments, interview, and the Oath of Allegiance ceremony.

All our servicesare FREE of charge. Why not try? Take a quick quiz or sign up for a free consultation.

E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One!

4Immigrant has the same motto as our country! We are happy to offer our free support services to anyone who is ready and eligible to become a US Citizen in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and nationwide. 

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The advisory and guidance is free of charge.