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Non-US-citizen military personnel are eligible for expedited citizenship in the United States. A special provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) governs the expedited naturalization process for current members of the USArmed Forces, to their spouses, and former service members who were recently discharged from military service.

US military personnel, their spouses and children  can be naturalized during their service  in the United States, including its territories,  as well as overseas.

In genera, INA’s §328 gives US military personnel an access to unique immigration benefits, which are simplified as compared to the process  of naturalization for regular civilians.

  • The major advantage is that the continuous residence requirement is waived and the petitioner may get naturalized if he/she has served honorably in the US armed forces for at least one year.
  • File application for naturalization during active service or within six months of dischargement from the military.
  • The physical presence in the United States requirement is waived.
  • The N400 filing fee of $725 is entirely waived for all military personnel.

Other eligibility criteria remain the same: must be age 18, have a good moral character, ability to read, write, and speak English,  know the US government and history, etc.

In addition, for some service members naturalization can be further expedited under INA’s §329 in case their service was in periods of hostilities. The applicant must have served honorably in an active-duty  role, or as a member of the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve, for any amount of time during a designated period of hostilities and, if separated from the  US armed forces, have been separated honorably.

Spouses and children of US citizen members of the US armed forces may be eligible for expedited naturalization in the US or overseas. According to INA’s §329, spouses of US citizen service members who are or will be deployed may be eligible for expedited naturalization. The eligibility criteria remain the same, while they have two additional requirements:

  • Establish that  your US citizen spouse is deployed abroad as a service member.
  • Declare in good faith upon naturalization an intent to reside abroad with the US citizen spouse and to reside in the United States immediately upon the citizen spouse’s termination of service abroad.

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The spouse of a US citizen who resides in the United States may be eligible to file an Application for Naturalization on the basis of his or her marriage.
The most common pathway to naturalization is continuous residence. As the American nation was built on and by immigrants from around the world, seeking freedom, happiness, and prosperity...
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