Green Card renewal

When you  are applying for US  citizenship, your permanent residence card (a.k.a. Green Card) must be valid.

Your Green Card expires every 10 years in case you are applying for citizenship through continuous residence, or in 2-3 years if you are applying as a Conditional Resident (usually based on marriage).

You need to replace your Green Card if:

  • it is expiring;
  • it is damaged, stolen, or missing;
  • it  contains outdated, wrong, or invalid information;
  • there are other changes in your  personal data, such as your first or last names, gender, etc.

- At the present time, it takes six to twelve months or even longer to get a replacement Green Card. This may change, and you can check for the latest  updates. However, while your card is under renewal, you are not losing any privileges, including international travel.

- For most people, the renewal cost to replace the Green Card is $540. This includes $455 for the Form I-90 and $85 for the biometrics (fingerprints).

- If your Green Card is about to expire, you still may submit your N-400 application. In  such a case you can submit your I-90 application almost simultaneously with your Application for Naturalization and not  lose  any time in processing.

If you are planning to apply for US  citizenship and your Green Card is about to expire, we will help you to submit both applications. It is free of charge.

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