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One of the requirements for US citizenship is that the applicant must show good moral character (GMC. It includes, among other things, timely payment of federal and state taxes and duties.)

The naturalization application Form N-400 specifically asks whether all taxes have been paid in full or any taxes are owed, and it is imperative to properly define the situation in case any taxes have not been paid. A missed tax payment will not bar the applicant from obtaining US citizenship.

The important thing now is that the applicant must do everything possible to pay the balance and file all returns that are due for filing. However, if payment of a full tax bill is unaffordable, the taxpayer may arrange a payment plan with the IRS, which offers a wide array of options for repayment – within a time frame ranging from weeks to years.

An agreement  on a payment plan will satisfy the requirements of the USCIS for naturalization, and it  is imperative to enter such an agreement before the IRS has issued a Notice of Federal Tax Lien and/or levied action.

There is one more thing that is incompatible with GMC: tax evasion. If an applicant’s actions in the past involved a loss of government funds in excess of $10,000, such a person’s application for US naturalization may be denied.

If your record includes any of the aforementioned events, or if you even suspect there might have been a problem of this kind, please sign up for a free personal consultation with our immigration specialist accredited by the US Immigration and Citizenship Services. Your situation will be reviewed and discussed; if necessary, the legal support of an immigration lawyer will be provided.

If your N-400 case has already been initiated and you are experiencing some issues with the IRS, please call us at 774-4IMMIGRANT or submit our contact form online. We will get back to you shortly with support and advice.

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Application for US Naturalization N-400 and Related Forms N-400 is a form commonly used to apply for naturalization.
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